6th Annual Bent Tree Indoor Doubles Classic a Huge Success

The 6th Annual Bent Tree Indoor Doubles Classic held on Jan. 14-18 was a huge success with 104 entries in 9 flights. The Men’s Open was won by Adam Welwood and Jeff Jannasch. They defeated Ian Bradburn and Troy Cole 6-1, 7-6. The highlight of the tournament is the Friday night Player Party with about 120 in attendance – especially at 9pm when the drawings took place. The main prize was an ipod nano with a $30.00 itunes gift card. Thanks to our Player Party sponsors – Babolat Racquet Sports, Prince Racquet Sports, Head Sports, Wilson Racquet Sports, the Bent Tree Men’s Tennis Association and Bent Tree Women’s Tennis Association. Be sure to mark your calendars for the 7th Annual Indoor Doubles Classic set for Jan. 13-17, 2011.

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Tennis 2day in Tennis History – November 17, 1963

Dennis Ralston of the US wins the singles title at the New South Wales Open in Sydney, Australia, defeating Mike Sangster of Great Britian 6-8, 6-3, 6-4, 6-4 in the final and breaking an 11 year stranglehold of Aussie dominance at the Australian event. It marks the first time since 1952 – when American Vic Sexias wins the title – that a non-Australian wins the title.

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The Rising Popularity of Tennis

For many reasons, tennis is on the way up! The economy has helped tennis because of the cost to play and time it takes to play. It has been noted that with the increased popularity in video games, tennis has had a major uptick.  The Nintendo Wii has sold millions of its ‘tennis’ game which has led to more people wanting to play ‘real tennis’. Stars like Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Maria Sharapova have also helped the image of the game. True tennis players and fans everywhere should help this momentum by promoting the game and talking it up when you can. This coming year should have a super increase in players, leagues, and interest. There isn’t a better sport for an 8 year old or an 80 year old to play than our great sport of tennis.

Go out an hit a few ASAP!

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